Most Recent Creations

Being creative for me is to be consumed by a constant stream of ideas and visions....sometimes it may take a few years to get around to finally working on that one idea that may of floated thru my head one late evening before going to sleep, but I endeavor to eventually manifest the idea into realty! Hope you enjoy some of my most recent out of the box ideas that has kept me busy recently!


Attaining a different look!

Breaking away from the traditional shaped canvas, these oil paintings are enhanced with the amazing medium from ArtResin, creating a beautiful glass finish look. The colors are enhanced using this amazing high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that makes pieces POP while protecting them. Find more information about this amazing product at


Multi ~ Perspective Oil Paintings

Using a softer palette, I broke out of the traditional rectangle to use a conjunction of shapes to create a different perspective of the same landscape that I was viewing.....a creative way to paint outside of the box.


Dreaming in 3D

As a visual artist/painter, I am always looking for a way to transcend the limits of a traditional canvas to express my ideas on. In 1964 an ingenious British artist Patrick Hughes first invented and pioneered the concept “Reverse Perspective” that utilizes 3 dimensional surfaces to help create optical illusions. Inspired by this possibility, after spending numerous months of sketching with architectural software, I created the correct planes and angles that would be necessary. Painting directly onto the canvas installation that I custom built, the effect is simply stunning. The paintings really come to life when you walk from side to side, the walls and perspective of the images seemingly move, creating a 3d effect that gives you a feeling that you can walk right up and inside of the painting, thru archways, along pathways to venture into the dreamscapes of my imagination. I like to think of this series as Dreaming in 3D."