"Steve Sundram is truly one of the most diverse and creative artists that our publishing division, Island Heritage, has had an opportunity to work with in the past 25 years ... and a wonderful human being to do business with, as well!"  

Dale P. Madden - President & CEO The Madden Corporation, Island Heritage



“Steve Sundram is a uniquely talented artist. One of the few who's vision and style is able to flourish and co-exist in both the commercial and fine art worlds. His profound and sensitive understanding of the natural world around him translates to bold and memorable paintings that always manage to touch a nerve and evoke a strong emotion in the viewer's heart and mind. His fine art work exudes grace and elegance. His more commercial work sends a powerful message to people, young and old about the importance of protecting and celebrating our oceans and our natural world.  His paintings have texture, rhythm and beauty - and are soothing to the soul. In addition, Steve himself is an honorable and special person who's work is influenced by an inspired life. It is a privilege to know him.”

Paul Wheeler - President & Art Director, Looking Good Licensing.



“Maui Theatre is thrilled to feature the art work of Steve Sundram.  His depiction's of 'Ulalena are stunning representations of Maui's most acclaimed theatrical production.  Steve's paintings truly capture the depth of Hawaiian history and culture in addition to the excitement of ‘Ulalena.”

Dennis Preussler - General Manager of Ulalena, Maui, Hawaii.



"Steve is a wonderfully talented artist in a variety of mediums.”

Marc Turtletaub - Movie producer - academy award winning film ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.



"Steve Sundram is one of the most diversely talented artists I have ever represented.  It's always exciting to see his new bodies of work.”

Panna Speas - Owner, Maui Hands, four gallery locations on Maui.



"I am impressed by Steve's exploration of Old World Hawaii in his latest series.  Once again, Sundram has simply changed the rules on Hawaiian surreal art.  Through his masterful use of patina moods and vintage subjects, Sundram, who has had collectors buzzing during the last few decades, has given us a chance to be excited about the surreal, all over again."

Glen Carner - Owner, HawaiiArt.com